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How App Development Pros Successfully mobilized an application for the like-minded individuals


Make a Pact to stay connected with people who are obsessed about the same things with PeerPact

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Have you wanted to connect with like-minded individuals but not on an open forum? PeerPact is just the app for you. We developed this app for people who would like to connect with people who have the same interests as them and live close by. All you have to do is to sign up and give the app access to your location and it will find the people who are close to you. You can chat them up, with their permission, of course. You can choose multiple interests like soccer, architecture, reading, bee-keeping, and more.

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An exclusive socialization app for people who want to connect with others who have the same interests.

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This is not your average social app. This is exclusively for people who share the same interests and are close by. You can select multiple interests when making your profile and the app will show you results based on them. Chat up with your newfound friends. Discuss your interests. Share smileys and pictures and more. View your recent chat history. Hey! If everything works out, you can even ask your new friends for a meet up at the local coffee shop or wherever you want. The best thing about this app: no annoying messages. You control who you connect with.

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Every project starts with a deep analysis and understanding of our clients and their customers. We want to know what your customers want in order to deliver the best experience. We ask all sorts of questions and don’t leave any stone unturned.

Once we know everything, we start visualizing the project. We come up with various concepts that we can work on. We also share our concepts with our clients and get their feedback to keep them in the loop. Our highly creative experts are always on the lookout for a challenge.

Once our clients give us the go ahead for one or more concepts, we paper to pen and start designing the project. The design phase is highly crucial as it sets the tone for the rest of the project. We go through various iterations until we have what we want.

Once the designing is complete, we start the coding and development process. This includes taking the stories and the concepts and building the app around them. We keep our clients on board and keep sending them updates. We are always open to feedback and work according to what you want.

Once complete, we hand over the project to the clients. Our priority is customer satisfaction and timely delivery and we always deliver more than was expected. We are proud of the fact that we always satisfy our clients and turn them into long term relations.

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